Sex & the Single Woman: Theories on “The One”

The One.

The name stops every single lady dead in her tracks. I don’t know where this mythical concept of “The One” came from, but in an age where the number of divorces trumps that of couples that stay married, I am unsure of how true it actually is.

I think most women like to fantasize about being swept off their high-heeled feet by a man who will love them unconditionally for the rest of their lives. But people change; as much as I am a hopeless romantic, I am inclined to think that this causes people to lose that “One”-ness quality.

My theory on the subject is that there are certain men who are right for you at certain stages of your life. He may not always be The One, but maybe he is the perfect One for right now. Looking back on guys I dated, some of them would be so wrong for me now, but at the time he was an exact fit.

What about you–do you believe in “The One”?