Sex & the Single Woman: Threes

One would think the hardest part of starting a relationship is finding the right guy. For one of my friends, the guy was the least of her worries. She found him, chemistry was awesome, he obviously had the hots for her too, it was meant to be.

No, for this girl the problem was her close guy friend. The one who has more-than-friends feelings for her. What is a girl supposed to do?

Well when you find a guy like her boyfriend, you don’t let him go. He’s a great guy and absolutely perfect for her. Aside from that, she deserves all of the happiness in the world, and this guy can give it to her.

On the other hand, she has a close friend whose heart is breaking and she can do nothing to stop it. It’s not an easy situation for anyone.

I think she handled it the best way possible. She talked with her friend, and even though it was a long process of acceptance, she stood her ground and refused to compromise her happiness. I think it says a lot when someone can handle a situation like that with so much grace, and I’m so proud of her.