Sex & the Single Woman: Timing is Everything


Can a guy be right for you, but the timing is wrong?

What happens when you do meet someone, but he has a girlfriend, or you have a boyfriend?  Or for whatever reason it just isn’t the right time for you two to be together?

I am a big believer in fate.  I trust that no matter what happens in my life, things will work out.  There have been guys who I knew for awhile but never expected to date, and then did. 

But what happens if you meet a guy and you know that it should work out between the two of you?  I don’t believe in waiting around for something that may very well never happen.  I was in this position recently; we were finally both single at the same time, leaving room for something to happen.  But when the window did eventually open up, I realized that it wasn’t meant to be at all.

All I can figure is that I shouldn’t waste time waiting for anyone.  If I am single, there is no reason to tie myself down to something that isn’t there.