Sex & the Single Woman: Tone Down?

This week I have been discussing an article that lists 5 things single women are sick of hearing. The final complaint is that single women need to “tone it down.” According to the article, single women are often told that they are “too (insert adjective here)” and need to scale it back.

I know it sounds cliche, but I do believe in liking someone for who he is, the good and the bad. Yes, there are always qualities about a guy that I need to learn to adjust to, but if I feel like a guy needs to tone it down, he might not be the right guy for me.

Likewise, I would hope that a guy who truly loves me wouldn’t ask that of me. Yes, I may talk loudly, and yes, I have been known to be a slight (major) klutz, but those things will never change. And whoever wants to be with me will just have to accept that.