Sex & the Single Woman: Too Close for Comfort

heartbreakOh, dear readers, it is going to be a long, frustrating month at Chez Single Girl. Yesterday I told you about the good-looking Italian roommate with whom I had an aborted dalliance. We’d had a few days of romance, but ultimately agreed to stop the kissy-kissy stuff and keep our relationship platonic.

So, for our first night of “platonic” living, we went to the grocery store, cooked dinner, and curled up on his bed while he showed me photos on his laptop from back home. Then we had dessert (no, that is not a euphemism) and ended the night with a massage. Tonight, I’m making him dinner.

Forget waterboarding…this has to be the cruelest form of torture. Living and doing couple-y things with someone I made out with just a couple of days ago, only platonically? I’m going to start banging my head against a wall.

-Erin xx

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