Sex & the Single Woman: Too Far

I’ve mentioned before that I deal with relationship angst not by eating my feelings, but rather, by spending them. In other words, I shop. (Disclaimer: window shopping applies to this situation. I don’t always buy things, I just like the peace and tranquility of stores.)

Moving on.

Today I was feeling particularly moody so I popped into Saks to take in some serious eye candy. After mournfully parting with a too-small pair of Vivienne Westwood flats that would have cured my woefulness forever, I stumbled across an item of clothing that is simultaneously the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and the most ridiculous. Naturally I snagged them up and darted to the dressing room.

Two minutes later I was in love.

So what if they were shiny, completely slashed skintight leggings? They were oddly comfortable and I know that wearing them will give me confirmation that I don’t need approval from anyone. Except maybe a biker.

Even though they originally cost more money than I make in a week, I managed to pick them up for under 10 bucks. Bad mood lifted. However, I am still left shaking my head, wondering if one of these days I will take my retail therapy too far…