Sex & the Single Woman: Total Disconnect?

One aspect of relationships that completely fascinates me is how disillusioned love can make us. I’m not trying to preach to anyone — I am the first person to admit I have made many wrong judgments — but nevertheless, I am still intrigued.

When I think about the times I have allowed myself to talk myself in or out of feeling a certain way, there is one thing in common. I always find myself saying “This is it. It’s different from any other time, so the rules are different.” But are they?

Yes, you might have an amazing connection with someone. A mind-blowing kind of chemistry like never before. So what if he’s distant sometime? It’s probably just the way he is, you need to stop being so anxious.


Yes, he’s made mistakes. But no one’s perfect. And he’ll learn from his mistake, and it will be different with me …

Maybe I’m just pulling from my own experiences. (Okay, I definitely am.) And those experiences include the mistakes I’ve made. The question I am left with is how do you really know if a guy is different? I am a great believer in both fate and instinct, and I would like to think that a glorious combination of the two of them reassures you that you have found someone special … and good.

I guess until I find that One person I won’t be able to understand the difference, but for someone who is a control freak, that’s not a settling sentiment.