Sex & the Single Woman: Trial and Error

I am rarely a grand display of emotions kind of girl, but I have been known to be impulsive at times. What I did the other night wasn’t wild or out of character for me by any means, but it did prove something to me.

A guy I have on-and-off liked for awhile used to be a close friend. We would talk daily, but eventually we just grew apart. The other night I couldn’t sleep and for some reason his name popped into my head. I have always loosely considered him the kind of guy I could call anytime, even if we hadn’t talked for years. So I decided to test this theory.

I texted him to see if he was up, and we talked for a decent amount of time. I was right: it was like nothing had changed.

I’m unsure of a lot of things in my life right now, but I do know that I really missed his friendship. It was worth making an awkward attempt to talk, just so I know that he is still someone upon whom I can depend.