Sex & the Single Woman: Trusting the Good


I have talked about dating “nice guys” before, and I’ve even sworn against dating them. But they still remain a mystery to me.

Why is it that women don’t trust men who treat them right? We so used to stressing and having to work for a relationship that when we find a guy who treats us like royalty that we question him. There is nothing right about this situation.

The more we date bad guys, the more we assume that every guy must fit this mold.  And that is simply not true.

From personal experience, I think that they guys I date tend to fall under two categories: the guys that are really nice, but refuse to make a move, and the guys that do make the moves, but are just bad news.

I feel like I often am the one making the moves, so yeah, it gets frustrating to pursue the nice guys who are not assertive. 

So what is a girl to do—date the good guys who don’t make the moves or the bad ones who do?