Sex & the Single Woman: Trying Something New

Since I write about relationships so much, I am always game to try new things when it comes to dating. I read an interesting article on Cosmopolitan’s website today that talks about four things guys find irresistible. I’ve decided that this weekend I am going to try and test run at least two of them.

While I think I can pull off the second item on the list (confidence), I’m not sure about the first: playing hard to get. Frankly, I stink at it. When I meet a guy I launch into “go” mode  . . . In other words, I try and lock in a connection. It’s really hard for me to just walk away.

I feel like I don’t have trouble showing my “playful side,” but it won’t hurt to try and work with that this weekend. The article also suggests talking about what I really love. I love a lot of things (including Leonardo DiCaprio, running and bacon) so who know where that conversation will go.

An exciting element for me is that the article solicited advice from Dr. Diana Kirschner, the author of “Love in 90 Days.” A year ago I followed her book in an effort to find true love. While I did not succeed, I’m looking forward to once again trying her advice. Now only to find a guy . . .