Sex & the Single Woman: Two Sides to Every Story

I am like a moth to the flame when people talk about relationships. I can’t help it — they fascinate me. This weekend my 16-year-old cousin was trying to reassure a girl he likes that they would be great in a relationship, so one of my other cousins and I sat down to help him figure it out. What an experience that was.

I am well aware that girls have a completely different approach to looking at relationships, but it wasn’t until I actually worked through a problem with two male perspectives that I realized how extreme it is.

It was the classic situation of my younger cousin texting a girl, then insisting that my other cousin and I decode the text and formulate a response for him. For every message, however, we had conflicting advice.

“You need to be straightforward with her,” I insisted. “She’s giving you every opening.”

“No way,” my cousin countered. “Hold out, man. You don’t want to be too straightforward.”

“But she’s going to get fed up real quick,” I protested. Cue blank stares from both males.

What Maggie Learned About Boys: Even when women give them every opening, they will still refuse to be direct. It was frustrating to witness and I’m not even in the relationship. The good news was that the way my cousin chose to handle the situation reassured me that he is still a decent guy with a good heart, and at the end of the day, what more can you ask for?