Sex & the Single Woman: Two Years and Counting

Two years ago a guy I was dating decided to date other girls. Without telling me.

Not a smart move.

Naturally, I was upset, but I moved on. So did he — to one of the girls he was dating. She must have been something pretty spectacular because they are still dating and just celebrated their two year anniversary. The weirdest part for me? In that time, I have become friends with the girlfriend.

And she has no idea.

I’ve often wondered if he ever told her about his philandering ways and judging by how comfortable she seems to be around me, my guess is he hasn’t.

I’m way over the situation, but as I was talking to her today I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if she ever found out. I think she’s a pretty cool girl, so I’m hoping for the sake of their relationship that his infidelity in the past doesn’t screw up their future.