Sex & the Single Woman: Two Years Too Late

This is it.

For the past two and a half years, my emotions for one particular guy have volleyed all over the place. We are the definition of ups and downs– when I am interested in him, he has a girlfriends. When he decides to make a move, I am seeing someone else.

Throughout all of this, my friends and roommates have cheered us on. It has been decided by everyone I know that he and I will end up together.

The problem is that I am tired of this. He is approaching an upswing (and what do you know, I am interested in someone else) and while my friends’ anticipation rises, I am exhausted.

For two and a half years he has toyed with my emotions, leading me this far and then becoming unavailable. He has has two and a half years to make a move, to get it together, and he won’t.

At what point do I cut it off, decide it isn’t worth the confusion? So far all he has been able to give me is heartache, and I’m done with that.