Sex & the Single Woman: Unexpected Teachers

Recently a few of my close guy friends have been consistently asking me for relationship advice. It seems like spring should be the time for couples to get together, not break up, but turbulence is abounding with all of my friends.

What has been interesting from my end is that as I talk about their problems with them, I’m finding that they are enlightening me.

The common problem these guys are facing is really like their respective women, but finding that there are some flaws in the relationships that simply will never go away. It’s sad to watch because these are great guys who have found great women … but it might be doomed.

Taking to them has also helped me to see relationships from a completely different angle. Assumptions I’ve made have been proven to be untrue, and that always makes me think.

I would hope that what these guys are teaching me carries over into my next relationship. Maybe talking things out with guys will help me in my own endeavors.