Sex & the Single Woman: Waiting for Him to Call

ginnifer-goodwinLast weekend I was out of town visiting friends and met up with a guy I’d had a smooch with at a wedding a while back. He ended up joining me and my friends for a night out, basically ignoring his pals. He then went on and on about “interesting and independent” I am and how he really liked me. I pointed out the fact that we live a good hour and a half away from each other, and played it cool (I think), but did mention that it would be nice to hang out with him again.

The next day I braced myself for the “had a great time” text. Nothing. The next day, nada. And here it is a week and a half later with nary a word from him. Not even a comment on the photos I’d put up on Facebook of our night out. Humph.

I’m not totally smitten or anything, but I am a little annoyed. Are guys still listening to Vince Vaughn “two weeks before calling” advice from Swingers? Don’t they know that was before texting, and Twitter, and Facebook? Can we get a little more effort please?

I’m hereby enacting a week rule. Dudes, if you don’t call within a week (and that seventh day is REALLY pushing it), consider yourself forgotten. We need some momentum here. If you wait until after the following weekend, chances are I’ve already met someone new.

-Erin xx

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