Sex & the Single Woman: Waiting for War

For the past couple of weeks I have been waiting for a certain bomb to detonate: the revival of feelings for the Ex. While this bomb has yet to rock my world, I am well aware that it is ticking and could explode at any moment, and that’s not something I want to happen. My life is confusing enough without having to deal with the aftermath of an attack.

The solution? Rebound before he has the chance to strike.

If love is truly a battlefield, then there are certain times when a woman needs to place herself in the offensive position. Instead of waiting for the Ex to strike, she must be proactive in making sure that he is not going to level her territory. In light of this situation, I have decided to make it my mission to go out this weekend and play the offensive position like it’s nobody’s business. If I can deflect the bomb, I will save myself a lot of heartache, not to mention the hassle of picking up debris.

Time to get armed for battle. My ammo? A roommate, a great pair of jeans, and a whole lot of chutzpah.