Sex & the Single Woman: “What Do You Say to Takin’ Chances?”

Okay, so I might have just quoted a Celine Dion song, but that is totally beside the point. What is currently on my mind is the scary thought that some of the guys in my life might not be around forever. I’m not trying to be dramatic, just realistic. The fact of the matter is that men moving up in their careers could potentially move around–and that poses the possibility of losing them forever.

I think every woman has those backburner guys, the ones who we keep around with the “Eh, maybe” outlook. We might date them in the future but they are not an immediate concern. Coming to realize that they aren’t always around, however, makes me see them in an entirely new light.

Because of this, I really want to make an effort to put myself out there (I feel like I am always making this promise) and to try and give them more of a chance. I really have nothing to lose, except the opportunity to get to know them better.

Now is a time in my life when taking chances might just be necessary. I guess I will have to wait and see!