Sex & the Single Woman: What Now?

My roommate and I just had a hardcore evening of pizza and girl talk. We are both in the midst of new guy experiences; she just broke up with her boyfriend of two years, and I am toeing the line of having something happen with a guy I never saw possible.

What I walked away with is a doubt in pursuing something outside my comfort zone. Why am I so hesitant to try something new? Is it the fear of something new, or just fear in general?

Furthermore, I realized that part of my hesitation comes from the expectation I see from other couples. I don’t see me and this guy as being “cute.” We aren’t the type of people who finish each other’s sentences, or who share common jokes, or who even share a seat. The only thing we have in common is that we are both stubborn people who love to argue. Charming.

In summary, I have determined that deviating from the norm causes me hesitation, and hesitation is causing me to question myself. So, the best thing I can do for myself (and any potential I have with this guy) is to stop hesitating, and start living.