Sex & the Single Woman: What’s Your Facebook Relationship Status?

facebookstatusAfter breaking up with my last boyfriend, I decided to make it official by changing my Facebook status from “in relationship” to “single.”

There was just one problem.

He hadn’t changed his. And not wanting to be a jerk about it, I waited. And waited some more. After a few months, I figured this was ridiculous, so I simply hid my status, vowing to never mess with my relationship status again, barring an engagement ring or quickie wedding in Vegas.

Here’s why: 1) Everyone knows your business. 2) It forces you to define relationships that you’d rather leave undefined. 3) That horrible little broken heart that announces you are single, even if it is by choice (so cruel, Facebook programmers!). 4) My friend Dave.

Dave, as I’ve told him many a time, goes through girls like Kleenex. He’s not a player-he’s just a romantic who gets swept up into one relationship after another. The problem is, each girlfriend, for whatever reason, only lasts a couple of months. But the guy changes his status with every fluctuation, making his Facebook feed read like a soap opera. And if he’s fighting or having problems with a girl, he’ll switch it back to “single.” The next day they’ll make up, and he’ll change it back to “in a relationship.” Okay, so it’s entertaining as hell, but I’m starting to get whiplash.

Do you update your relationship status, or are your friends on a need-to-know basis?

-Erin xx