Sex & the Single Woman: What’s Your Ideal Age?

The other night I had a date…with a 23-year-old guy.

For those keeping score at home, Sex & the Single Woman is 30.

youngermanNow, while I congratulated myself on catching the attention of someone younger than my baby brother, it was really all for naught. The guy was nice, but well…

1)      He lived at home.

2)      He mentioned all-night boozers with his friends.

3)      He said he was 7 or 8 when “Wayne’s World” came out.

Those aren’t necessarily deal-breakers, but I think I need someone with more life experience. The thing is, guys in their 30s kinda scare me—which is why I’m thinking 28 is my perfect age. Serious, not overly so.

How about you? What’s too young for you, or too old?

-Erin xx