Sex & the Single Woman: When A Door Closes, A Window Is Opened

But how long does this window stay open?

Allow me to specify. The window to which I am referring is the ever-popular, ever-ambiguous Rebound Window. You know how it goes — breakup happens, but there is an unknown period of time in which both parties are vulnerable to rebounding.

I’ve seen people enter into solid relationships less than a month after a major, major breakup. I’ve also seen people spend a year rebounding from person to person before finally settling with themselves.

I see a few factors in the rebound equation. First, of course, is the length of the relationship. There is obviously a lot more invested in a three-year relationship than a three-month one. Usually.

Second, under what terms did the relationship end? Was it mutual? Did someone cheat? Are both parties in love with each other, but unable to work past their differences?

Third, what kind of relationship do you have post-breakup? The respect couples have for each other plays a huge part in how they handle the breakup.

At the end of the day, I’m curious to find out what the average breakup window is. How long are you expected to have to get over someone? At what point do you know you are no longer vulnerable? Is your next relationship guaranteed to be a rebound?