Sex & the Single Woman: When Did I Become the Guy?

I met a guy last weekend and I definitely think we hit it off. He’s tall, dark, handsome . . . and is just super cute in general.

While we were talking (and my interest was piquing) he noted that he lived an hour away and wondered “will this mean for our relationship?”

STOP. The Big R. He dropped it. The guy. And within a few hours of meeting me. Who IS this dude?

Normally, I am your stereotypical female half of the relationship. I am emotional, I need to talk things out, I want commitment. When this guy mentioned us pursuing a relationship so soon, however, I immediately launched into bro mode and internally panicked.

In the few days since this happened, I have calmed down a bit. And he mentioned taking me out to dinner on Friday, so we’ll see what happens. Bottom line, I was totally thrown for a loop when he decided to mention the R word.

So what does that mean for gender stereotypes in relationships?