Sex & the Single Woman: When Harry Met Sally and Ruined Heterosexual Relationships for Everyone

There is a line in When Harry Met Sally where Billy Crystal’s character says that women and men can never be “just friends.”

Do you believe this? I am tempted to stand up and demand a retraction (sorry, Billy) but when I think about it, I can’t say that I have 100% platonic feelings for 100% of my guy friends. I may not have a desire to date them, but that doesn’t mean when they put their arm around me (in a friendly way, of course) or take my hand to pull me through a crowd, that I get a flash of zing.

Is that caused by the simple act of a guy showing affection, or an inherent wish for something more? Does that make Billy Crystal’s accusation right?

I can’t guarantee that I will never date any of my friends (that ship has already sailed) but I do think that I can maintain a friendship without ever lusting after one of the guys.