Sex & the Single Woman: Where’d You Meet Your Last Boyfriend?

wheretomeetguysEveryone always seems to want to know where to meet guys, so let’s figure it out. Let’s retrace our dating steps, shall we?

Going back, the last few guys I’ve been involved with I met:

-At a wedding (with an open bar)

-Through a friend (at a bar)

-Was my roommate (hooked up after going to a bar)

-At a nightclub (fancy word for bar)

-At a party at a bar

Hmmm…I’m definitely seeing a pattern. Now, some of those dalliances lasted longer than others (6 months here, a year there), and in a few cases mutual friends were there to help break the ice, but really, I guess low lighting and free-flowing booze are a potent combo.

So how about you? Where did you meet your last boyfriend? Share in the comments section.

-Erin xx

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