Sex & the Single Woman: Who is Your Fictional Dream Guy?

Okay, gals…spill it.

If you could date any fictional TV or film character, who would it be? James Bond? Danny Ocean? Lloyd Dobler?

Mine is…David Addison.


As in, Bruce Willis’s character on “Moonlighting.” Yes, we all love Bruce’s action hero side, but it was his comedic turn as the charming, irresponsible, funny-as-hell David that still has me weak in the knees. Seriously-I grew up wanting to be Cybill Shepherd, and not just because she had that fabulous pastel-hued, shoulder-padded wardrobe.

For me, David Addison has the qualities I’m looking for in a guy: good bone structure, goofiness, mad crime-fighting skills, a life-of-the-party attitude, a killer sense of humor, and, above all, a good heart. Having a rhyming receptionist is pretty darn sexy too.

Now I just need to find his real-life counterpart. In the meantime, please share your favorite fictional hunks in the comment section!

-Erin xx

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