Sex & the Single Woman: Why I Hate The Game

thegameAttention men. We’re on to you.

We know about Neil Strauss’s “The Game,” and we know you probably have a copy of it on your bedside table.

We’ve seen “The Pick-Up Artist.” We know about negs, and far-fetched scenarios designed to reel us in.

And yet, still, you insist on going through these little games with us. Why?

Case in point: Last weekend I was joking about “The Game,” aka the pick-up Bible for men, with a couple of friends because I had just read a pick-up guide for girls that had a lot of the same tactics. To be throwing negs and “openers” back at the guys who are throwing them at us seemed well…dumb. And complicated. And fruitless.

Sure enough, we were walking home when this somewhat intoxicated guy called us over.

“Girls, can I ask you a question?”

We humored him. Bad idea.

“So my mate is dating this new girl and she just found photos of his ex on his cell phone. He was with his ex for a long time, and the photos don’t mean anything, but his girlfriend got really upset. Do you think you would be upset?”

My friends and I looked at each other and bust out laughing. There was no mate. There was no ex. There were no photos. And if there were, what drunk guy would really care that much about his mate’s love life on a Friday night?

My friend was nice and said,” Uh, I’d talk to him about it.”

I was naughty and said, “Yes, I’d be mad but I’d be even more mad that he was reading ‘The Game.'”

With that we turned on our heels, with him shouting after us, “I don’t think you understand the whole story!”

No, pal. We get it. We’re just not falling for it.

-Erin xx