Sex & the Single Woman: Words, Words, Words

As women, we are constantly pelted with images of what the ideal guy should do and say. In movies, he holds a boombox above his head, in books he defeats vampires evil for us. And of course, there are always those lines he says that make us melt on the spot.

On a surface level, I dream of a guy who will jump through hoops of fire for me, but in reality, I really just want someone who will love me for who I am. I feel like guys aren’t prone to making these moves, especially on girls they don’t know really well. But lately I am finding myself proven wrong.

Both my friends and I have been recipients of fairly serious, definitely sweet compliments from guys. While I may be cynical, it does lead me to wonder how true the sentiments behind these words are.

Telling a woman she is his other half, or telling her she is like no girl he has ever met before may sound like lines, but in the right moment can be very telling. Why do guys say these things, however, unless they truly mean them? Should we take these words to heart, or just assume they are lines?