Sex & the Single Woman: You’re Out

What is the one thing that separates those who are happily in relationships from those of us who can’t seem to make it work? If there is one major factor, I’d have to say it’s trust.

Trust extends beyond just our romantic inklings. One thing I’m learning that is that there are those people who we think we know so well that it never even occurs to us how much we place trust in them. We only find out when they break this trust, and trust me (heh, heh), it’s a rude awakening.

I’m recovering from from losing some of this precious trust, and, honestly, it’s really hard. I really trusted a guy and although he didn’t intentionally hurt, he did. I can forgive, but I find it really hard to forget. I’m wary of how much I rely on other, even though I hate being that cynical.

Once someone loses your trust, how do they gain it back? Are we doomed to be cynical forever?