Sex & the Single Woman: You’ve Got Mail

I used to write a column for a local paper and a few months ago I discussed personal ads. I am well aware of how rough it is to be a single woman in this society and personal ads emphasize the fact that I am not alone in this.

I wrote my column in the style of a personal ad and included an email address, just to see if anyone responded. To my shock, people did.

Yes, I got some sketchy responses, but I also got some genuine ones. One in particular was anonymous, but left me extremely intrigued. I am stubbornly curious, so I was intent on finding out who the person behind the letter was. Sadly, I wasn’t available to meet him and he refused to disclose his identity to me otherwise.

I still don’t know who my mystery man is, but I will forever carry with me the notion that someone sincere cared enough to reply.