Sex & the Single Woman: You’ve Got Male

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you'vegotmailSo in January of 2008 I met a man on a singles website. We started emailing each other as friends, and after six months of flirting over email I gave him my number and said he should call me. We started talking over the phone and after one month I proposed us meeting up in person halfway, since he lives seven hours away from me.

Well, we did and we had a blast. He paid for everything and asked me a lot of questions while we were together that weekend, hinting that he wanted to take this to the next level. He was very serious when he asked me if he could see me again and I was smitten so of course I said yes!

After two months of non-stop phone calls, emails, text messages, etc. we finally met up again for a weekend that I paid for in another city that was halfway between us. I sensed that he was a little distant when he saw me in person, so when I got home after that weekend, I told him I trusted him and that I didn’t feel comfortable, at this point in our relationship, with him sleeping with other people.

Less than seven days after I told him this, pictures surfaced on the internet from his OTHER girlfriend, at a wedding he went to with her, the weekend after he saw me! You could tell in these pictures that they were more than just friends!

So my friend decided to email this woman and got some information from her.

According to the other woman, he and she have been together for 18 MONTHS! It’s been off and on, she says, but they are always intimate when they are together.

After the pictures surfaced, he stopped all communication with me. Finally after a week, he decided to call me when my online profile said I was going on a date with a new man (which was true). I guess he was jealous. We talked it out and he was sorry but not remorseful for what he did, and proceeded to feel sorry for himself throughout the conversation. Needless to say we broke up and I have not spoken to him over the phone since.

About three months ago, he decided he wanted to get back into my life, so he re-friend requested me on Facebook. To this day, I have not accepted but sometimes we chat over email. But I refuse to let him see my profile and don’t want to see his.