Sex & the Single Woman:All That “Sheens” Is Not Gold

When it comes to men women do not want to date, the current fan favorite is (no surprise) Charlie Sheen. I obviously don’t know Mr. Sheen, but his recent antics give me a fairly good idea of what he is like, or at least what he wants the public to perceive him to be.

Let’s be honest — there are a lot of men out there who have Charlie-esque qualities: good-looking, good breeding, smooth-talking. We slip into lust with them before we can even say “Machete.” When their ugly sides come out (i.e. anything Sheen has done in the past month) it makes me wonder why women stay with them.

In the case of Sheen’s live-in “goddesses,” I am going to take the no-brainer and say they are looking for some financial support and a shortcut to fame. That’s no excuse.

No matter your profession or current state, all women deserve better than a guy who is going to live up to everything Sheen perpetuates. It doesn’t matter if he cares about you a lot; if he is going to be a middle-aged drama queen, his two options are to look for help and support or to move on.

I think Sheen has a lot of opportunity and needs guidance — not porn stars — infiltrating his life. I can only hope that his “goddesses” are giving him the support he needs, not just the support he wants.