Showing Stress the Door

stressnew.jpgWith tax deadlines looming, is it any wonder that April is National Stress Awareness Month? (And, really, aren’t you pretty well aware of your stress already?) With that in mind, this week’s Your Looks feature, “Take Me Away,” aims to help readers keep the stress monsters at bay by featuring helpful tips and product suggestions from leading spa professionals across North America. These women work every day to keep their clients nice and relaxed, so if anyone knows how to conquer stress, it’s them. Check out the story and try these tips next time a bad day hits…or whenever you have the urge for a little pampering.

My personal stress relief tool is Rescue Remedy, which a friend in beauty PR recommended. It’s an herbal spray that you shoot into the mouth – it’s weird, but it works, and thankfully it doesn’t taste terrible. Back in my NYC rat race days, I was reaching for that baby all the time!

I also like to unwind with a little mindless TV – thank goodness “Law & Order” is on 24/7 – or a good book, preferably read on a chaise lounge by the pool.

Have any stress-relieving tips you’d like to share? List them in the comments below.

 -Erin Donnelly, Your Looks Editor