Single and The Holidays!

There is probably no other time of the year than the holiday season that can make even the strongest single woman living in singledom feel vulnerable and well sometimes, yes lonely.

Well before you start eating a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s and feeling sorry for yourself and making your New Year’s resolution of never spending another holiday alone–take the following to heart and perhaps you will actually enjoy the fact that you are single during the holidays!

Yes, it is nice to snuggle up by the fire with that special someone while exchanging gifts and warm smiles, but look at the bright side–you will not spend days on end fighting about where you will spend the holidays. You know those fights, they start something like….”Last year we went to your parent’s house; you promised we would spend it with my family”; or trying to satisfy EVERYONE and doing the “drive by” holiday dinner. You know where you and your special someone rush from house to house and spend about an hour at each stop–the entire time giving each other that glare that says…time to go!!!

And, you won’t have to spend hours and hours trying to find that “perfect” gift for your Mr. Right and watch him open it and give you that polite smile that lets you know despite how hard you really tried, you didn’t get him “THE” perfect gift.

So if you are single and don’t want to be lonely, take the following steps:

1. Make plans with the friends and family you truly want to spend your holiday time with and enjoy visiting them–relish in the fact that you don’t have to rush out of there to visit someone else’s family.

2. Make a list of close friends that you do want to exchange gifts with and perhaps set up a special night at your house to do a gift exchange and a nice dinner. It gives you a great excuse to buy and decorate a tree and participate in the gift giving and receiving. Be sure to set up a price limit to ensure that enjoying the holidays doesn’t break the bank and that no one is embarrassed or disappointed during the gift exchange.

3. Do go to those holiday office parties even if it is sans a man. I guarantee you will still have a great time and you won’t have that pressure of entertaining someone while you mingle–besides you are probably NOT the only single person that will be going.

4. If you don’t live near your family or have a close circle of friends to visit, then book a spa holiday…this time of year they have great specials and most hotels will have holiday dinners that you can go to for a great meal; or just enjoy using the hotel and spa facilities.

So tis the season to be single and enjoy the holidays!! Start making your list and check it twice and if you aren’t with Mr. Right, have Happy Holiday Season being the strong single woman that you are!