Single Celebrity Relationships: What We Can Learn From Them

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Falling in love is an intimate experience-unless you’re a celebrity.

Getting jilted is one thing. Being kicked to the curb in the flashbulb glare of the tabloid paparazzi is every woman’s worst nightmare. Here’s what we mere mortals can learn from celebrity relationships, both good and bad….

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TASTY TIDBIT: Not long ago, designer purses were the new black. Now, according to the New York Times, designer sunglasses have earned that status. While sales of hand bags have decreased by 14 percent, the $3 billion eyewear industry rose by 10 percent—despite the fact that the average designer glasses have increased in price, from $250 to $350.

The Times ruminates that this trend may be driven by a space issue: women have only so much room in their closets. Frankly I think it has to do with the fact that we are spending so much on our glasses now anyway (being near-sighted, far-sighted, and blessed with astigmatism, I know what I’m talking about, trust me) that it was only a matter of time before fashion designers made eyewear a staple in their lines. (And we bless them for that, even as we curse the prices we pay for wearing them on our faces!)

I asked SMW’s Money Editor, Martin Brown, what he thought. His take shows some insights into human nature: “Spending something outrageous on a frivolous accessory gives you a unique talking point.”

He then points out that a thirtysomething who puts that $350 into savings would earn you several hundred thousand dollars, given an annual return-on-investment of 10 percent, over the course of 30 years…

Yeah, but, hey, by then the sunglasses would be out of style!

Speaking of glasses with style, Check out SMW’s article on more reasonably priced designer frames.

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