Single Minded IDOL…

I’m very lucky in the fact that I get to blog right after the IDOL performances (Tuesday and Wednesday nights, thus far). The girls have been given Wednesdays as their performance nights, and some of them been inspiring me to seek the individuality we each have within us, and let it all hang out.

amanda-overmyer-idol.jpgIn particular, I’m blown away by Amanda Overmyer, the twenty-three year-old from Muncie, Indiana, who is a natural ROCKER. If I close my eyes, I hear a very young Grace Slick. I’ll be in second heaven if she chooses White Rabbit as a future song. I know she’ll do it justice.

That, and anything by Heart, of course.

There is a sweetness and a vulnerability about her. I can tell she’s been wounded somehow.

Am I being to presumptive? Is she just shy, or an actress convincing in her role of a victim? Whatever. Bottom line: She has touched a chord, and that says a lot for a contestant in a television show that is too overproduced for most of its singers to stand out—and succeed.

Speaking of success:

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josieb-headshot-175.jpgI’ve got that luvin’ feeling,

Josie Brown

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