Single Mom Going on a Business Trip Sans Kids–We’ve got You Covered!

Honestly, I hate going away on a trip. Whether it’s for business or pleasure the thought of packing, and unpacking and  getting everything organized so when I return home my kids don’t look malnourished, sleep deprived and that they have actually remembered to change their clothing- at least once over the course of my three day getaway–all of that stuff is what usually keeps me from truly enjoying my solo trip experience.

 That is  until I board the plane… each time I finally get on that plane by myself, I feel a sense of euphoria wash over me.  For those several hours on that plane all I have to worry about is sipping my diet coke, snagging a pair of earphones from the flight attendant- and devouring every glossy magazine I was able to stuff into my carry-on.

It’s all about me, me, me–it’s my time to indulge and be …selfish-there I said it!

Sure, I hate having to prepare everything, and I shudder just a bit, thinking about the hurricane of dirty clothing and knotty hair that will be awaiting my arrival, when I return home. Yet  it still feels really good to have that time just for me…I especially savor every night-alone in my hotel room- with no interruptions- just yummy clean , crisp white sheets and pure unadulterated sleep!

If you’re a single Mom, planning a business trip–we have the perfect article this week, written just with you in mind! And of course if you’re  planning a trip- you might want to check out our fabulous escapes channel….

 This week we’ve also got another great article that many single moms will probably relate to-What single moms caring for an aging parent need to know…some sound advice which boils down to one basic principle. Yes you are a single mother and you’re a daughter caring for a parent- but in all this caring– you must not forget to care for yourself–it is essential. It is not selfish it is survival– if you’re burnt -out and barely staying afloat– you won’t be able to be much of a help to anyone.

Are you a single mom who is both caring for your aging parent and your kids? What have you done to keep all the balls in your life in the air, and how do you deal with it when some of them drop?