Single Mom Voices Around the Blogosphere… We Hear you Sisters!

As the family channel editor for Single Minded Women for the past six months, I am continually amazed at the depth and range of single mom bloggers who just put “it” all out there. By “it ” I’m referring to; their joys, fears, anger, frustrations, observations about topics ranging from their kids, exes, dating, divorce, work, finding love and most elusive of all…a sense of balance.

Here are my top picks for the most heartfelt and honest single mom voices around the blogosphere for Sunday, June 22, 2008… Ms. Single Mama wrote a really great post; O’ Daddy, Where Art Thou? about the fact that her darling son, Benjamin has this nasty little habit of calling every man in sight “Daddy,” and how it KILLS her that he does!   Modern Single Momma waxes poetically about the Rules of Enchantment…that romance cannot truly exist if there is not that initial special spark. Rachel Sarah of Single Mom Seeking poses a very interesting question regarding Kate Hudson and the fact that she brought her son along on a date with her flavor of the month boyfriend, Lance Armstrong. And her question is; is that a good or bad thing? When is it all right to introduce your kids to your “lovah”?

Like many women around the globe who’ve heard about this sensationalized, you can’t believe it could possibly be true and not some sort of manufactured hoax, regarding the teenage girls in Massachusetts some younger than 16 who intentionally got themselves knocked up; Christina from Solo Mother, expresses her two cents. And My Single Mom life also had some pretty insightful comments about the absolute insanity of it all… That’s our roundup for now- if we’re missing any let us know!

Melissa Chapman
Family Editor Single Minded Women