Single Mom Widows Single Minded Women Salutes You!

If you’ve had the opportunity to read Sandi Duffy’s new article on the Single Minded Women Family Channel, What Happens When Single Moms Get Sick? Do You Have an Emergency Plan? you’re likely acutely aware of all the things that can potentially go wrong if a single mom happens to get sick.

It can literally wreak havoc on your day-to-day schedule and activities and throw your kids into a tailspin; who’s going to get them to soccer practice, make dinner, do homework- and if you’re a widow and there’s no ex spouse to rely on, as is the case with Sandi Duffy, who eloquently pens her trials and tribulations  in her blog:  A Widow for One Year , you know that scrambling at the very last minute to find childcare and basic household help can be that much more difficult.

Luckily for Sandi she had a solid emergency plan in place and a bevy of friends and family who were literally lining up at her service!  And lucky for us – she outlines the basic things single moms, widow or not, need to have in place- so that if an emergency happens- at least they’ve got a plan to cover their bases!

And of course if you’re a single mom, looking for a little humor, and support to lighten your load

Happy Sunday!
Melissa Chapman
Family Editor
Single Minded Women