Single Moms Give Yourselves a Pat on the Back; You’ve Made it Through the First Weeks of School and You’re Still Alive and Kicking!

Here at the Single Moms Channel we know how hard getting back into the school routine can be for single moms– forget about the kids- it’s a cake walk for them…

So to help you wade through the gazillion of questions and excuses your kids have stockpiled perfecting the art of procrastination when it comes to finishing their homework assignments and mustering the attention to study for their tests, this week’s Q&A; Single Minded Moms: Help Your Kids Buckle Down for a New School Year!, will offer you some surefire ways to crack the whip– without actually cracking the whip!

And if you’re a single mom who tenderly packs your child’s lunches only to find them virtually untouched– or WORSE—traded, Single Minded Moms very own, Trenchcoat Mama…Single and Ready for Whatever Life Throws at her, Jessica Pegis- has combed every resource imaginable and put together a comprehensive list of lunch ideas and snacks your kids will think twice about trading, or simply leaving at the bottom of their school bags to ferment into a stinky mess! Check out her roundup of lunch ideas right here:

But lest you think we’ve forgotten about you– and your needs– fear not– we’ve got a GREAT feature article to help Single Minded Moms: Find True Happiness; Allow Love to Transform Their LifeSure love can’t conquer all-but a little bit never hurts.

But the most exciting news; we’ve got a brand new Single Minded Moms  Newsletter that will make its official debut next week and will feature some of the most inspiring and downright hysterical single mom bloggers and columnists to share their single mom moments …all guts and glory.

Happy Sunday and don’t forget to spread a little SMW love…here’s how you can get started!

Melissa Chapman Single Moms Channel, Family Editor