Single Moms Summer’s Here…Now What?


Here’s a little bit of advice from one of Single Minded Women‘s favorite single mom bloggers, Anna Raymond about ways to beat the heat and get stuff done when you’re a single mom with a little one who likes to keep busy…

In an effort to spend more quality time with my son, and also thoroughly enjoy our summer, I stockpiled my vacation time all winter.  The result?  I get to take off every other week all summer long.  I KNOW!  I’m excited too!  Except…now what?  What do we do with all of that time off?  With those pesky gas prices going up faster than the temperature, lengthy road trips are sort of limited.

I put out the call for ideas to all of my best girlfriends and I got many of the usual responses; playgrounds, community pools, parks and play dates. Don’t get me wrong, those are all fun things, but we do those all the time.  I’d like to enjoy this time off as much as my son. 

Enter the list.  We sat down together and made a wish list of all the things we’d like to do before summer is over.  Keep in mind, my son is four…you can probably guess which entries are his.

1.  Dip our feet in the ocean.  (We are several hundred miles away…but it would be worth it.)

2.  Go to the drive-in movies with a buddy.

3.  Play Legos all day.

4.  Learn to ride a bike.

5.  Learn to swim.

6.  Go camping.

7.  Catch polliwogs in the lake.

8.  Go fishing using actual worms.

9.  Visit Target and Coldstone.  (Also very far away but TOTALLY worth it!)

10. Learn how to use all of the features on my fancy new camera by taking eleventy billion pictures of us having fun.  (Or him having fun, someone has to hold the camera, after all.)

11. Eat nothing but ice cream for a whole day.  (Gee…twist my arm.)

12. Any ideas you might throw our way?  I’d sure appreciate the suggestions!

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