Single Moms We’re All in this Together

galtogal_d111b1.jpggaltogal_d111b1.jpgAs the economy has been crumbling down around us and houses are being foreclosed on in the blink of an eye-we’re all struggling to come to grips with our futures and those of our children.  But what I’ve found incredibly telling is that– this bail-out package which is being passed in Congress- is essentially everyone of us- being forced to take responsibility for mistakes our fellow citizens have made. That indeed while many of us go through life thinking that we’re an island onto ourselves and our immediate family and close friends- nothing could be further from the truth.  We are truly part of a broader world society- where every person’s actions have a ripple effect- and ultimately, we are our brothers keepers and responsible when the sh*t hits the fan.      On the flip side of this coin is that as a single parent- you need to always remember that you truly are not alone- and if you reach out for support whether it’s joining our virtual community of single moms and dads here, or biting the bullet and venturing out to a single parents and kid event in your local neighborhood.      The bottom line is- whatever reservations you have…you can rest assured that every other single parent in that room has at one point felt the exact same way.  And if you’re one of the lucky few who has conquered your demons, and can strut into these events with your head held high and fully embracing your fabulosity! (yes I think that is a word!) you need to pay it forward and approach another single parent, who looks, like she’d rather be swallowed by the earth, than standing in a crowded room, with other strangers…      If you go back to the example of the economy and how all of our actions both bad and good are inextricably linked- you’ll realize that when you pay it forward it will only pay you back a greater dividend!       Okay, now I’m going to come off my soapbox and tell you that you MUST check out this week’s brand new column,  Single Moms We Answer All Your Questions About Raising a Bi-Racial Child – where the talented Dr. Tina Tessina, tells you the best way to make sure you incorporate both cultures into your child’s life- whether or not you’ve got the support of your ex.        And don’t forget to sign up for this week’s Single Minded Moms Newsletter if you’d like it delivered to your inbox, and be the first to read our brilliant single parent bloggers’ columns as they  sound off about what single moms and dads really think!        Since this is October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness and Support month- I’d like to give a Giant shout-out to the Gal to Gal Foundation, which Supports Stage IV Breast Cancer Patients & Families.  Gal to Gal has launched its Virtual Walk – an innovative fundraising campaign that enables you to make a difference in the lives of stage IV breast cancer patients and their families without ever leaving your home or office! Just visit and visit your favorite stars, fashionistas, authors and entrepreneurs on a 31 city nationwide walk this October.       This is the 2nd year of the virtual walk and while it kicked off just a few days ago, the site has already raised more than $30,000! They are hoping by the end of the month to reach their goal of $250,000 so that we can help grant wishes and provide vital resources to those waging a courageous battle against this incurable disease. If you’d like to watch Stage IV Breast Cancer Survivor & Gal to Gal President Dorit Shapiro gives heartfelt speech at NYC launch of the 2008 Gal to Gal Virtual Walk ( YouTube link:        As Always- Happy Sunday—and remember Single Mamas we’re all in this together!      Melissa Chapman  Single Moms Channel Editor