Single Moms We’ve Got The Answers to ALL your Burning Questions…

Each week our single mom columnists and experts (we’ve got two great single dads too) will offer inspiration and support for single moms and prove there’s no hard and fast rules when it comes to parenting  solo.  



Here is just some of the content we’ve got on tap this week…



Support: The Single Mom’s 10 Commandments: What every single mom needs to know to succeed as a mother, at work and in relationships, by Alaina Sheer, aka, Ms. Single Mama.

Money: Trench Coat Single Mama, Jessica Pegis, aka, O Solo Mama, is debuting her new series: Single Mom Meets Budget. Let this experienced single mom teach you how to save and stretch your money in today’s economy.


Humor: Jessica Ashley, aka, Sassafrass, is a single mom who tries with grit and humor, to balance the demands of her spunky four-year old son. Don’t miss Jessica’s hilarious stories about raising a boy, her relationships with locksmiths and juggling life as a single mom.


Co-Parenting: Single dad Michael Shimberg offers his perspective on life after divorce and how to master co-parenting…amicably.

Inspiration: Matt Logelin, a recent widowed, single dad, shares his small triumphs raising baby daughter Madeline. Matt opens up about just how far he’s come since his wife’s sudden and unexpected passing. Guaranteed to inspire you.


Health: We sit down for a heart-to-heart with Nutritionist Liz from 4Real Foods, who gives us the lowdown on why these ready-to-eat kid favorites are keeping single moms across the country (and their Kids) happy!

And best of all…

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Melissa Chapman, Editor