Single Moms you can get Your Boyfriend’s Kids to Tolerate you…maybe even like you!


This week Single Minded Women’s Family Channel has Dr. Tina, and single moms who are trying to appease their boyfriend’s kids will definitely want to check out her article for a few tips on turning their frowns upside down (or at the very least get them to stop shooting dagger-like glances their way- and maybe illicit more than a one word answer to their questions.)

Single moms even if you’re feeling a little discouraged, Dr. Tina’s Q&A will certainly give you some solid guidelines that you can try-and if you live happily ever after- or even just a little happier- please let us know! We’re all about happy endings here at SMW!

And now a little Sunday love to all our favorite single mom bloggers who we think are just  so brave, cool and fabulous!

O Solo Mama gives a hearty thumbs up to Mama Mia, the Meryl Streep musical about… a single mom!

Ms. Single Mama offers her tips to single moms about why it’s so importnat to take some time off before jumping back ino the dating pool…so even if you’re intent on rebounding- you might want to read this… just in case!

And…Modern Single Momma honors Randy Pausch’s memory with this poignant post about the legacy he leaves behind for all of us.

 Happy Sunday Single Momma!