Single Payer Healthcare and Single Women: Get Congress Off the Fence!

womenhealthcareaccessOne week ago, we eagerly anticipated a crucial vote on single-payer Medicare for All ( H.R.676 ) in the House Energy & Commerce Committee, sponsored by Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). But then seven BlueDogs waged a highly-publicized war against a “robust public option” and the vote was delayed for a full week.

We just learned the vote will be tomorrow ( Friday ). Based on all of your calls, we have nine single-payer Democrats: Tammy Baldwin, Michael Doyle, Eliot Engel, Anna Eshoo, Gene Green, Edward Markey, Janice Schakowsky, Anthony Weiner, and Peter Welch.

Five more Democrats are leaning single-payer but still uncommitted. Please call each one and give them one crucial reason to support single-payer from our petition:
(Be sure to sign our petition and forward it if you haven’t already.)

Lean Yes
Diana DeGette CO01 202-225-4431
Jane Harman CA36 202-225-8220
Christopher Murphy CT05 202-225-4476
Frank Pallone NJ06 202-225-4671 @FrankPallone
Bobby Rush IL01 202-225-4372

Be concise and practice in advance so you can speak quickly (or leave a voicemail) because they are getting swamped. Report the results of your calls here:

Public Option Only (or Won’t Say)

Rick Boucher VA09, 202-225-3861
Bruce Braley IA01, 202-225-2911
G.K. Butterfield NC01, 202-225-3101
Lois Capps CA23, 202-225-3601
Kathy Castor FL11, ,202-225-3376
John Dingell MI15, 202-225-4071
Charles Gonzalez TX20, 202-225-3236

If you have more time, these 14 Democrats support a “public option” at best. But that “public option” (a new government program to compete with private insurance) was disastrously weakened this week by the BlueDogs. They banned the use of Medicare pricing to reduce costs and thereby expand availability. Try to persuade these 14 to vote for single-payer instead of a worthless BlueDog “public option.”
Jay Inslee WA01. 202-225-6311 @RepInsleeNews
Doris Matsui CA05, 202-225-7163
Jerry McNerney CA11, 202-225-1947
John Sarbanes MD03, 202-225-4016
Bart Stupak MI01, 202-225-4735
Betty Sutton OH13, 202-225-3401
Henry Waxman (Chair) CA30, 202-225-3976

Don’t let anyone tell you single-payer can’t pass: the Kucinich Amendment for a single-payer “state option” passed by a shocking 25-19 bi-partisan majority in the House Education and Labor Committee on July 17. The Weiner Amendment will pass on Friday if enough Democrats vote for it!

A victory on the Weiner Amendment would make a huge difference. Please call as soon as you get this – night or day.

Thanks for all you do!

—Josie Brown

Relationship Channel Editor –


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