Single Payer Healthcare, and Single Women: It’s Now or Never

healthcarecountsSingle women are the majority in the United States. According to the latest United States Census figures, 51.5 percent of our female population is women ages 15 and over who are either single, divorced, widowed, or separated. And yet, 49% of all single women– or almost 30.8 million of them –  are uninsured.

To top it off, one in five women of childbearing age (ages 15-44) , 12.9 million was uninsured in 2005, accounting for 28 percent of all uninsured Americans..

In this recession, you can just imagine what it is now.

Ironically, it’s possible that just six senators are keeping all of us from enjoying what every other 1st world country enjoys: universal or single-payer healthcare.

The following article, from DevTob’s diary, discusses who they are. The irony: besides blowing it for their own constituents—

Which comprise a mere 2.7 of the United States population.

Read the article…

And watch the video below, which was made by Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films that call out America’s insurance companies for the denying coverage to subscribers, while rewarding their CEOs inflated salaries for how well they do this. Specifically he calls out Stephen Helmsley of United Healthcare.