Single Women’s Top 5 Debate Questions for Palin and Biden

Thursday is a very big day: the debate between the vice presidential candidates, Senator Joe Biden (D) and Governor Sarah Palin (R). And frankly, TV and radio pundits, I’m not interested in what Palin will be wearing, or whether a frown from Biden means he’s being “mean” to her.

Joe BidenIn fact, I want both of them in the hot seat.

Because single women have concerns they need addressed—honestly, openly, and immediately—by our political candidates.

We are the Lipstick Lobby—but we’re not looking for lip service.

And candidates, guess what?  If you capture the single woman vote, you win. After all, there are some 113 million single women in the United States over the age of twenty.

And they aren’t not sitting home on election day.

That said, here are the Top 5 questions our readers would love to hear answered—preferably without the usual diversion tactics that eat up time, or a dodge from a straight answer.  Ms. Palin, Mr. Joe Biden, you’re up next, so let’s hear what you have to say on these issues:

1. “What will you do to ensure that I get equal pay parity with the guy in the cubicle beside mine whose younger than me, less experienced, but makes more money?” —Helen D., Kansas City, Kansas

2. “When will universal healthcare become a reality? For the past three years, I’ve seen my health benefits get cut, but the price has almost doubled. And yet, the CEO of my insurance company makes a fat salary. It’s time for some sanity.” Alexandra M., Kennesaw, GA

Sarah Palin3. “An American woman now has the right to a legal abortion. Seriously why would any politician want to take that away from her?” Nicole B., Raleigh, NC

4. “When will our troops come home from this senseless war? I have friends who have lost lives and limbs in a war that should not have been started in the first place. The 911 Study is an indictment of the fact that we invaded the wrong country, for the wrong reason. How many more of our military personnel will be sacrificed for this horrible mistake? Let’s get some straight answers from those who will soon be leading the company.” —D Coleman, Los Angeles, CA

5. “Why can’t our candidates brokering a fair plan that puts checks and balances on those running the banks, and the investment firms and their products? I don’t mind that we may be ‘bailing out’ Wall Street, because what happens to the money market happens to all of us: our jobs, our credit ratings, or home markets—but we have to make sure this never happens again. “—Rita L., Ft. Worth, TX

These are the issues concerning single women. Concerning all of us. Forget the other crap that means nothing: who we’d want to have a beer with, or who seems like “plain folks.”  If the economy tanks and healthcare is unavailable, if we can’t make money and we lose the money we have, we’re all “plain folks.”

In other words, you’re representing all of us.

So start acting like it.

Make me want you,

Josie Brown