Horoscope for Thurs 9/25/08

McCain and Obama DebaateThe real reason John McCain suspended his presidential campaign is because his moon was in retrograde…Okay, just kidding. More importantly, what’s your trajectory?

Here’s a hint…

Aries: Isn’t it uncanny how many times you seem to run into that one guy?  Take it as a broad karmic hint: you were meant to say “Hi,” and see what develops from there…

Taurus: Pouting is your way of paying (puffed) lip service to the real issue at hand. Time to open your mouth—wide—come clean about what’s really bothering you.

Gemini: You haven’t had a real laugh in quite some time, now have you? Well, chuckle at this: Your ex left his latest. (You’re smiling, as if you saw it coming….)

Cancer:  If you truly want to connect with your family, reach out to the one person who never seems to have an issue with you—but really does. Lay it all out on the line…

Leo: Time to break out of jail—oops, I mean that li’l prison that keeps you occupied between 9 to 5. The key is a new resume…

Virgo: If you’re truly considering a makeover, start by losing the obvious. No, not those extra niggling LBs, but that negative guy you call BoyFriend Unit. He’s holding you back!

Libra: It’s not this heat wave that has you all hot and bothered, but the way he keeps staring—at her. You deserve a little undivided attention, so tell him to chill out, or move on.

Scorpio: For months now, you’ve hung in there under the assumption that he was Mr. Right….WRONG. And it’s not as if you need any more proof. Remember last week? ’Nuf said.

Sagittarius: The harder you fall for him, the easier it is for him to justify his bad boy routine. Go on, take a hike, and rest assured he’ll send out a search party of one: himself.

Capricorn: Granted, it wasn’t love at first sight. Still, he’s grown on you, hasn’t he? Like that toe fungus you had last year—but let’s forget about that. (Oh, and you don’t have to let him know about it, either…)

Aquarius: Yep, your bank account is sorely in need of a cash infusion. Well, one solution is just around the corner—but you’ll pay dearly for it. Instead, reconsider all other options…

Pisces: You’ve got it all wrong: you’re a better friend to her than she is to you, so don’t be taken in by her lousy excuses. If she ditches on you again, write her off. For good.

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