Horoscope for Thurs 9/18/08

Tamara HooverIf Austin, Texas art teacher Tamara Hoover had read her Horoscope before posting her nude photo on her Flickr account and losing her job, she would have discovered that her moon(ing) was in the wrong (school)house for that momentous event. So that you aren’t caught with your pants down, here’s ours for this week:

Aries   When he told you that he’s been working hard at the relationship, you naturally assumed he meant yours and his. Oops! Don’t be surprised to find out (unfortunately, the hard way) that he had someone else in mind.

Taurus – Your bad hair day is also putting a crimp on your self-esteem. To get back to your sleek chic savvy self, check out a new stylist. NOW.

Gemini – There is a flip side to your recent fall from grace—but, seriously it doesn’t include all the navel-gazing you’ve been doing lately. Instead, look up: to the future.

Cancer – The good news is that you’re finally going to get the recognition you’ve craved. The bad news is that it’s more “notorious” than you’d like. Seriously,  if you want to burnish your image in the right way, don’t do stupid things in public.

Leo – Be honest with yourself: If you could do it all over again, would you, really? The issue that concerns you allows for a do-over. That said, don’t kid yourself. If you do, the results may surprise you…

Virgo –  The best things in life used to be free. That used to apply to gossip, too—except in this case, so be forewarned: Don’t believe everything you hear.

Libra – He’s trying to be true blue, but you’ve been pushing back. Why is that? Don’t let the past get in the way of your future. He’s not like the others, so give him a chance.

Scorpio – Money talks. That said, don’t let the powers-that-be cry on your shoulder about what a lousy month it’s been, that funds are tight, yadayadayada. Tell them to pay up, and count their lucky stars that they’ve got you’re shilling for them.

Sagittarius – Wouldn’t it be great if everything fell into place just like you dreamed it?  Here’s a reality check: There are still too many loose ends, so tie up what you can on your end, and nudge others to do the same.

Capricorn – If you play your cards right, he’ll do exactly what you ask. Just ask gently…and reward him with a kiss, when he follows through.

Aquarius – When are you going to learn that others don’t see things the way you do?  Maybe it’s time to check your vision prescription. Oh yeah, and while your at it, do a gut check, too.

Pisces – You’ve been pushing that rock up that hill for so long, you’ve got calluses on your heels. Time to let someone else lend some muscle. But if you share the burden, be prepared to share the rewards as well.

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