SMW Bachelorette Recap, Monday 6/22/09

jakejillianOkay, lots of upfront teasers on WHO HAS THE GIRLFRIEND.

NOTE TO GUYS: TELL ON HIM. It reflects on YOU–more than even HIM. Why should she trust you if you aren’t willing to tell be honest with her about who is lying to her? NO GIRL WOULD FEEL GOOD ABOUT THAT.

The train across Canada is a SUPER idea! (Can I go, too?)

Her: “Robbie is footloose, fancy free, and I love that about him…”

She hugs him while they are on the train’s observation booth. He thanks her for getting him out of the cab with all the other guys…He feels he can fall in love with her, that he’s “on the right track …” ( no pun intended..)

Her: “When I’m around him, I feel 5 years younger…” HONEY: NOT A GOOD THING….

Bartender Robbie gets the first one-on-one. He tries to score points by telling her that his family has him pegged as the first to get married, out of three older siblings…She wonders why. Is he really ready to settle down and start a family–in the next couple of years. He tells her it’s been a long time since he’s loved anyone. He says he’s ready for it again. “He as “everything to be successful. I just have to find a job (???) “Love has no age, love doesn’t have a job. Love is here right now.” NO, dude.

She catches on. “I need him to picture how he’s going to have a family, to pay the bills.”  He also tells her he can’t for her to meet them.
But she admits that she’s still unsure about him. His mantra for the rose: “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…” Not exactly Dali Lama…but will do for


Wes: I’ve been here for six shows, I’ve played my song, I’ve got what I came for.” GUYS: TELL JILLY PLEASE!

BREAKING NEWS ON ABC: Ryan O’Neal says he’s asked Farrah Fawcett to marry him (again) and she said “yes.” Even Barbara Walters gulped at that one…

Back to Robbie and Jilly…

Her: “I know he’s ready to fall in love, to have a partner, but he’s not ready for all the other things that come with it…”

And she kicks him off the train. Wow. Rough. He gives the other guys a dude wave. He knows he’s too young for her. “The family curse (to not get married) is alive and well.|

Michael’s crying??? He was that close to Robbie???? “IT’s a tornado. It’s aobut to get ugly…”

Wes goes over to Jilly’s room — to KISS HER ARSE. They cuddle. “I got records to sale….” When she finds out, I HOPE SHE DROPS HIM FROM AN AIRPLANE. WITH NO PARACHUTE.

Seriously, Toe-Jam Tanner: THE FEET? AGAIN? He’s measured her snow shoes? Give it A BREAK….

Hide and Seek in the snow! Jake finds her, and they cuddle.

Reid is quizzing the train staff about how he should act on his one-on-one with Jillian. The steward asks: “Have you told her how you feel?”

Reid: “No, but she can feel it.”

Huh? Say WHAT?

The Steward is honest: “Tell her how you feel, or you’ll always regret it.” Reid, LISTEN!

Jake gets a little one-on-one time with her. Tells her he’s missed that. She agrees. She sees how special he is. The hold hands the whole time…

But their tete-a-tete is broken up by the other guys.

Kiptyn gets her aside, and lays in on the line: he wants to be with her. He is holding her arm, rubbing her leg the whole time–and they Kiss.

Her; “When we are together, our bodies are so perfect together…” Yeah. You guys have that total chemistry goin’…DUMP THE ONES WHO AREN’T RIGHT FOR YOU.


Jesse: IT was a like a bad train wreck. She kept starin.”

Her: “I don’t want to see someone’s package yet. I’m not ready for that…although it was HUGE…”

Tganner: She knows I have a foot fetish.(and) she knows I was blessed….” With WHAT ??? A TUMOR????? He pronounces his love: FOR HER FEET. OYOYOYOY….

Jesse: gets some fireplace time with her. He tells her how anxious he is, since he has to fight for one-on-one time with her, like on the crater.

Him: “I can see myself having that much fun with you anywhere. ..if we have it there, why can’t we have it anywhere?:

Her: Do you think your parents would like me?” “They would fall in love with you.”

Her: He was able to communicate with me. That’s what I’m looking for, in a partner.” She’s happy he wants her to come with him to his hometown of Carmel.

Michael gets her infront of an outdoor fire, with marshmallows. Him: “Whe have a rythmn. We do life the same way. there is a level of depth to us. I think my parents, my bro and my dog would want me to marry him.””

She is worried about his age. She doesn’t feel physical about him. She is getting the vibe he isn’t mature enough for her…

Inside the cabin: Tanner comes clean that he tipped her off that one of the guys has a girlfriend. “I jus twanna come clean with all my boys.”

Wes: “I don’t like tattletales. I keep other people’s names in my mouth. I will not run my mouth about someone else.”

Jake notices that Wes is nervous. He tells Tanner to “man up.” Hearing that, Wes says: “I’ve got what I’ve wanted. I’ve got a little publicity, and I can haul as.”

Jesse is crazy! Even hearing all this, he still thinks he can’t tell Jillian, that she should find out on her own. Jake, on the other hand, feels that if he knew who it was, he’d let her know, because it isn’t fair to her or the guys there who are serious about her..

In the hot tub, she gives the rose to Kiptyn. THAT CHEMISTRY DOES IT EVERY TIME…

Jakes gets another one-on-one, and COMES CLEAN: “I haven’t felt like that since my high school sweetheart. This is really tough. It hurts so bad…

He says it. “I’m crazy about you. Everything is aligning up.”

Her: You’re doing a good job of showing me how you feel about me…”

They kiss….

Him: “Jillian is truly who I want to marry. And I mean that with everything I am.” Wow. She says she knows this. Well, act on it! You deserve it!

Jillly and Reid go on a one-on-one: snowboarding. She’s impressed that he’s willing to try it, even if he’s a good skier. They go into a hillside ice sculpure lounge, on the top of Lake Louise. They snuggle nose-to-nose. He goes in for the kiss.

She likes that Reid is honest, and speaks his mind around her. In fact, he tells her that she’s not his usual type: blonde.

She wonders if the fact that she lives “in the sticks” and he lives in Philly may stand in their way. He says: “We’ll just work it out…”

HER: I feel he’s on my level. He’s on my playing field.”

She puts the role: “I know we’re opposites….but I want to go back home and meet your family. I’m wondering if you’ll accept this rose so we can do that.”

HER: “I think we have different lifestyles, but there is something there that wants to work [itself out between us].”

Reid gets his rose.

IN BANFF: They stay at the Fairmon Banff castle (yum, sigh!), and host Chris is waiting for them…

She tells Chris that Tanner would rather talk about the others, than using his time to getting to know her. And she sees that Michael is too young fo rher. WIll he be ready to have kids with her?

The Rose Ceremony (great dress, Jilly!):

“…I have a few qustions I still need to ask…” Michael tells her (and she grins) “I’m not a guy that needs a one-night stand. I haven’t had a lot of girls…the one thing I’m missing is the ‘forever girl’.”

Reid: “Okay, who’s got the girlfriend?”

Jake stares at Wes, knowingly.

Wes: “What are you looking at me for?”

Roses go to Jesse, Reid and Kiptyn exchange knowing glances (!!!!)

And the final rose goes to….. MICHAEL??????

Bye, Jake??????????? (That’s him, pictured above, with Jillian.)

Toe Jam is pissed. Now she’ll never know, he’s thinkin’….Well, dude, if YOU’D TOLD HER! He thinks, since she knew about the foot fetish, so he should have…He feels that he didn’t need to tell her about Wes. WHY???????

He says: “I laid down his heart. I was the guy truly looking for love. I’ve seen this so many times! If she choses the wrong guy,

She’s got a dangerous guy. She’s got a flimsy guy. She’s got a guy who is real young. Nice guys finish last. It’s been the story fop jmy life. I’m just blindsided. If Jilliian wanted me, she could have had me.”

Next week: One guy can’t get it up! Who is it?????

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