SMW Celebrity Scene: Around the World, and Then Some

The top of my New Year’s resolution list reads to stay slim and trim, be the best person I can be, and make a lot of money and save it! Though, no matter how much you save, when it goes, it goes much faster than you think! My New Year’s was spent with friends at their mansion in Bel Air. All the women wore tiaras and the men wore their black ties. There were long tables with stunning white flowers and magnificent silver candelabras. We wined and dined all night, and rang in 2009 together, as always, hoping it would be better than the last.
Miami bound in early January and dinner at the Palm Restaurant with some friends and my boyfriend Mickey Berke. Spending time with him is so fun. What a history we have. He was my boyfriend when I was fifteen! By chance we re-met four years ago and have spent lots of great time together. Nikki and Micky! I love it.
I soon needed to head to LA for Buzz Aldrin‘s birthday. First, lunch with my BFF Joan Collins, where we gossiped like school girls. Then, a disco nap, a good fluff, and I was off to Buzz’. He is a wonderful friend of mine and even in my video for StarCruncher! Buzz’s wife Lois Aldrin has been a best friend forever. I remember when we first it met at a party in Monte Carlo. I was with Ivana Trump and her then new husband Ricardo Mazzucchelli. Ivana had just gotten her new yacht aptly named The Ivana (of course) and our friend the Baroness de Brandsteder  was giving The Aldrin’s a party. I walked up to the bar and a beautiful blond girl said to me “what a pretty dress.” I thanked her and remarked upon how I all I saw at the party was astronaut’s wives. She continued to tell me that her husband was Buzz Aldrin…from that point on we became fast friends and continued to spend many wonderful times together all over the world from Paris to the White House. I had a really good time at Buzz’s party that night, hanging out with Tim Allen and Pat and Michael York, who are always fun to see.

June Newton, Barbara David, Joan Collins, and Nikki

Right now I am staying put in LA until the New York weather gets better. A lot of conversation about our first family lately – suddenly everyone seems to be so patriotic. I think we all hope President Obama will change our country and our world for the better. The inauguration was so powerful and hopeful to watch. While I absolutely love our new First Lady, Michelle Obama, I think she should get a great stylist that can have her making better fashions choices. She really could be the next great fashion icon. Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan always made elegant fashion statements. The First Lady needs Oscar De La Renta, who could give her a flattering look.

This week is the opening of “The King of Las Vegas” Steve Wynn‘s new hotel, The ENCORE. It’s been reputed as the greatest hotel of its kind and a glamorous weekend is planned for the owner’s birthday celebration. Harry Connick Jr. is performing and a host of star-studded friends will surely be on hand. My brother, Ron Golbus‘s company Graphic Encounter Inc. provided the art for the hotel rooms, so it should be stunning. Everything Steve does is perfection.

Tonight I am going to the famed Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard to see my friend June Newton, the widow of the great photographer Helmut Newton, whose S&M nude photos turned photography to an art form. Every year June hosts a dinner on Helmut’s birthday, to celebrate for him, despite him no longer being with us. June always seems to gather together a group of about fifty or more very amusing people at her parties, and this time was no different. I saw Rob Lowe and his wife, Michael and Ava Chow, Brett Ratner, Barbara David, Michelle Phillips, Rod Stewart, and even Robert Evans, the great producer who brought us classics like The Godfather and Chinatown. Robert is not just my friend, he is my best friend, and originally how I met Helmut and June. At one point during the night Michael Chow got up and began to sing a kabuki opera, which was very funny. Some of the others guests like Rod Stewart and Joan Collins continued to sing songs but not me! I didn’t want to empty a room!
The party was a lot of fun, and for now I am catching some sun, curled up reading my friend Robert Wagner‘s recent book, Pieces of My Heart: A Life I came up with the name of the book when I was spending time with RJ (that’s what his friends call him) and his wife Jill St. John in Aspen and he couldn’t seem to think of a title! To date the book has sold about five thousand copies and is on the bestseller’s list. I am even acknowledged in front of the book! It’s just fabulous, check it out.

 — Nikki


Nikki Haskell is a diet advisor, socialite, and internationally recognized hostess.